Internationals Program

A program worth your time!

You’ve decided to join us at the Dutch AGM this year, how swell of you! Hopefully your are just as excited about this weekend of lavishing luxury and fifties grandeur as we are. You’ll be pleased to know that we can finally offer you a side program that will be all about quintessentially Dutch history, folklore and weird habits. So, please have your strippenkaart ready and get on board!


Strippenkaart? Oh yes, strippenkaart. The Dutch public transport ticket in use until 2010 when we switched to something, uh, understandable. As hated as it was loved when it finally was replaced, we decided to bring it back one more time. Just for you. Only valid for one day on bus 300 to a fantastic location.

So, what do we have in store for you? Easy. A scenic trip on a classic Leyland GVA 22 bus, used for public transport in the city of Arnhem. The trip will take you from the hotel to a fantastic location after which the bus will take you back to the hotel. It goes without saying you will be accompanied by a drink on the bus as well.

Costs: € 25,00 all-in
Including transportation, activities, bubbles and other refreshments

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You collect your strippenkaart upon at the AGM’s 7-11 convenience store at the hotel. Your strippenkaart will act as your ticket for the tour. After lunch on Saturday 12 September, the bus will leave from the designated bus stop in front of the hotel according to the following timetable:

  • 13.00h – 13.30h: Boarding starts. Passengers will be welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine. While the tickets are checked and we enjoy drinks and good conversations, we wait for those who have to attend the first few minutes of the AGM meeting.
  • 13.30h: Departure. We will embark on a scenic trip to the activity. During the trip we obviously enjoy more drinks and even better conversations.
  • 14.00h: Arrival at the activity. Time to stretch our legs!
  • 14.10h: Start of the activity.
  • 16.00h: Departure back to the hotel. More drinks are served, obviously.
  • 16.30h: Arrival at the hotel. Feel free to join the post-AGM drinks. Alternatively, you can go and dress up for the gala dinner.