Airport Shuttle Service

Airport Shuttle Service

All international guests of AGM2020 can use the free Airport Shuttle Service*. We provide a shuttle service on Friday the 5th from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the venue of AGM2020. The bus will leave Schiphol Airport at 16:00 (4pm) to arrive at the venue around 18:00 (6pm).

On Sunday the bus will leave the hotel at 09:00 to arrive at Schiphol Airport at 10:30.

* Complementary beers and GT’s will be provided.

How to register

Registering for the Airport Shuttle Service is easy! As soon as you have registered for our AGM, one of our crew members will send you a link to the Airport Shuttle Service registration form.

Register now for AGM2020!

Please note that the registration for the Airport Shuttle Service will close on Thursday 29th of May at 23:59.