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What it's all about

Welcome to the Dutch AGM of 2020! The men of Round Table 114 Zoetermeer and Round Table 186 Losser bring you the party of a lifetime. Inspired by the rebellion and luxury of New York during the 50s. It is our calling to spoil, pamper and indulge you every step of the way. For starters, the whole event will be hosted at a single location: Van der Valk Hotel Tiel in the beautiful city of Tiel. But that’s not all. Oh no.

On Friday we invite you to grab a burger, have some drinks and listen to the best Rock ‘n Roll while you catch up with old friends. Joe’s Diner & Grill at East 186nd Street and the The Signature Lounge at West 114th Street set up shop this night just for you.

On Saturday you’ll be treated to an awesome Internationals Program with the finest selection of Dutch cultural offerings. Saturday night is when the magic happens. A Gala Dinner and Party of exuberant greatness. Think black tie, champaign and big bands. Think Madison Square Garden. A swell night out for you and your partner!

On Sunday it’s time to get back to reality. But not before we’ve had a farewell breakfast and said goodbye to each other. Only then it is time to leave with another bag full of Tabling memories.

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Traveling to our AGM

There are several ways to arrive at the venue of the Dutch AGM 2020. If you arrive other than by car, please provide us your travel details. We will make sure you will receive all the necessary information well in advance. This will include details on the Airport Shuttle Service timetable, train connections and tips for a short sightseeing trip to Amsterdam if you happen to arrive at the airport early.

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Special Activities

You are invited to join our meeting on Saturday 12 September. However, if you would like to do something else than listening to a language that makes your throat hurt just hearing it being pronounced, we suggest you join the Internationals Program.

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